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The story of Promise Batek

Back in 2017, my cousin was getting married & pair wanted a Batik themed attire for the wedding. We thought that it would be an awesome concept to play around as we’ve seen too much of the norm. As expected, the girls came up with beautiful and absolutely gorgeous dresses, sourcing their fabrics from all over and learning how to tie their skirts via YouTube.

However, it was proven a challenge for the male folks to get something off the shelf. No way Jose, they were going to settle for your typical Batik wore by our politicians (the ones with the hand drawn Bunga Raya and splotched on red, yellow and blue contradicting mix of colors)!

Instantaneously, the designer in me unleashed itself! I couldn’t bear to see my cousin and his entourage in some traditional ‘uncle’ like outfit. Therefore, the interior architect in me found another avenue to channel my ‘talents’ to save man-kind. . . not the womankind. . .but mankind. We started to put our heads to design a modern take of the Batik for the groom and his entourage. Alas, the day was saved!

Soon after the wedding, we decided to embark on this journey, to redefined the traditional batik and to trendset to suit our everyday work, play and occasions. Consequently, Promise Batek was hatched. . .

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