[BATIK] Batik Cardigan for her – Kawung by Promise Batek


Our cardigan is a great addition to your wardrobe. The lightweight material with a nice drape,lustrous finish & a soft feel creates a beautiful silhouette. It is extremely airy which suits our Malaysia’s tropical weather. Promise Batek’s Chinta cardigans are unique & custom-made using the traditional hand block method. Each piece of garment is hand stamped by Javanese craftsmen. If there are any imperfections, they are its natural characteristic of the garment, which makes the garment the one and only.



Soft & lightweight viscose cotton


Batek Product Care:

·Separately handwash in cold water to avoid any dye bleeds.

·Our handstamped batiks may bleed when in contact with water as they are hand dyed. Therefore,it is highly recommended that you separate your other clothing.

·Use a mild detergent & avoid bleaching.

·Do not tumble dry.

·Do not wringor squeeze so as not to stretch it. Rinse, shake out the water

·Hang or lay it flat to dry inside-out, under shade in order to maintain the richness of colour.

·Do not dry indirect sunlight as colour may fade.

·Finish withsteam ironing or a cold iron.


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